About Us

The Designer

At the end of 2020, upon graduating with a First-Class Honours Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor of Finance, Founder and Sole Director Adrian Barone decided to shift focus to the world of female luxury fashion. In secret and whilst working as a full-time engineer, he spent many months transferring his skills into designing and familiarising himself with the garment production industry. However, it was not until he found Mrs Anna where he uncovered a gift in couture pattern making, rapidly excelling through their private lessons over the years.

Adrian’s detail orientated mindset and perfectionist qualities have found home in providing high quality and well-tailored garments, emphasising elegance and confidence. Adrian continues to follow this dream by further developing his skills and building the brand. Aspired by knowing that people will choose to wear his designs in special moments, Adrian is always working on new products with a deepened drive to assist his clients with showcasing their best self. 

The Label

This is AGE & FENNEL, a designer label focused on cultivating exquisite pieces that portray more than just physical beauty. At our core, we believe garments speak louder than just the components they are crafted of and that they are fundamental to expressing our identity. For this reason, we design with integrity, supporting you as the visionary of your own world.

With our passion for modern couture, we apply quality in both textile choices and craftsmanship, paired with our meticulosity to deliver an empowering product. Blending timeless and contemporary design, AGE & FENNEL represents a sophisticated elegance and heightened femininity, infusing an obsession with love as the label’s mainstay.

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